Pain Management

Pain can take a number of forms, from short-term acute pain after surgery, to long-term chronic, persistent pain.

Long term pain can have many different causes for example arthritis of the joints; nerve entrapment, irritation or damage; widespread pain such as fibromyalgia; pain in scars after surgery. In some cases, we are unable to pinpoint exactly what is causing a patient’s pain, despite the fact that the patient continues to suffer.

However, there are many things which you can do to help manage your health with the support of health care professionals, family, friends and work colleagues. We want to help you to understand your pain and to offer information on ways for you to manage it.

With this in mind a simple information booklet has been created to explain a bit more in detail what chronic pain means and provide you with some handy tips to support you along the way along with details of further helpful resources.

Please view the explaining pain booklet